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“Steve Baker has provided technical and event support to the Jack Petchey Foundation for a number of years.  The Foundation has an incredibly busy events programme and Steve also undertook responsibility for coordinating technical needs and requirements.  Throughout that time he provided a first class, professional service.  His reliability, willingness to go the extra mile and flexibility has been key in the growth and success of our events. He has a keen eye for detail and works incredibly well under immense pressure. The Foundation has benefitted greatly from Steve’s technical experience and expertise and I would recommend his services unreservedly.”
Lee Thompson - Events Manager The Jack Petchey Foundation. Now Jack Productions

“I attended Stephen’s public speaking workshop and found it to be hugely beneficial. The value of this training becomes even more apparent with each day that passes. The valuable skills and insights shared on his course help me summon the confidence I need to speak more confidently and effectively at my business networking meetings each week and in my personal life too. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen, as he has helped improve my public speaking abilities and assisted me in overcoming the confidence barriers that were a constant hindrance to my progress. Thank you Stephen.”
Arhon Ankhkara: Senior Web Designer - Considerlocal.co.uk

 At meetings, conferences, workshops etc, I was always as keen as the next person to get up and put my point across or add value to the debate.

 However, like so many I found myself nervous and would struggle to structure and articulate that very important and what was often a simple but logical point

 The best thing that I did which made a remarkable improvement for me in this regard was to attend the Gloss0phobia training course run by Stephen baker.

 Stephen took me through the process in an easy to follow step by step format, covering everything that you could possible need to do with public speaking from preparation to summing up, this in turn gave me great confidence. I found my articulate voice and leant to make what I had to say of greater interest to my audience.  Stephen that was Excellent! 

Thank you

Eric Morson - Managing Director Basement Masters

"Your support for both the technical side of the events and the PR has helped to make the Speakout Challenge, the major success that it is. The young people who participate will remember their training and the Regional / Grand Finals for the rest of their lives."
Programme Director The Speakout Challenge

"We were delighted with your help and advice. You were right we made it an event with a long shelf life thanks to you."
Paul Finch - Managing Director KPC Recruitment

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The Glossophobia Doctor can provide the prescription that gives you the following:

AWESOME opening statements

Content that makes people sit up and take notice

Closing statements with a NOW factor - they make people want to DO something

For many people the fear of speaking in public is their worse nightmare. It can hold them back, especially if it is an integral part of their job.

Christen can work with you designing a programme that helps overcome these fears. This programme is highly interactive where the participants present on a subject of their choice at the end of the session. With critique and video of their session.

Speaking Competion Winners

Click here to see the winner of the 2015 "Your Shout" competition held at the Cornelius Vermuyden School. Christen provided the AV and video uploads to You Tube.

Click here to see the winner of the Corporate Speaking Challenge 2016. Christen provided the video services.

Click here to see the winner of the 2016 'Your Shout' Competition held at the Cornelius Vermuyden School. Christen provided the AV and video uploads to You Tube.