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We have 3 core offerings based on our extensive experience

  • Public Relations
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Events and event management

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The Glossophobia Doctor can provide the prescription that gives you the following:

AWESOME opening statements

Content that makes people sit up and take notice

Closing statements with a NOW factor - they make people want to DO something

For many people the fear of speaking in public is their worse nightmare. It can hold them back, especially if it is an integral part of their job.

Christen can work with you designing a programme that helps overcome these fears. This programme is highly interactive where the participants present on a subject of their choice at the end of the session. With critique and video of their session.

Your Shout Winner 2015

Click here to see the winner of the 2015 "Your Shout" competition held at the Cornelius Vermuyden School. Christen provided the AV and video uploads to You Tube.

Click here to see the winner of the Corporate Speaking Challenge 2016. Christen provided the video services.